VuDuCiel offers affordable aerial imagery to the general public through the use of professional drones and competitive prices.

Why a multirotor drone?

Once reserved for big-budget productions, aerial photos and videos were made using helicopters and airplanes equipped with specialized and expensive stabilization equipment. With the advances in technology and the miniaturization of electronic circuits, it is now possible to obtain images of the same high quality, thanks to radio controlled multirotor drones.

Designed by DJI Innovations and renowned for its effectiveness, our professional DJI S800 EVO hexagonal multirotor is equipped with 6 high efficiency electric motors, a GPS navigation system, an autopilot, a sophisticated gyroscopic stabilization system and a high definition DSLR camera. With its small size of 1 meter in diameter and its relatively negligible weight compared to full scale aircrafts and helicopters, it is possible to fly our UAV at very low and at very high altitudes, both indoors and outdoors, while being subjected to far less laws and flight restrictions. All these qualities make it the ideal modern choice for the capture of all kinds of aerial images.

  • DJI S800 EVO - Diagonal
  • DJI S800 EVO -
  • DJI S800 EVO - Side
  • DJI S800 EVO - Top
  • DJI S800 EVO - Front
  • DJI S800 EVO - Retracts