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Custom built and renowned for their effectiveness, our professional multirotor drones are all equipped with high efficiency electric motors, a GPS-assisted navigation system, an autopilot, a sophisticated gyroscopic stabilization system and a 4K ultra-high definition camera.

With takeoff weights ranging from a couple of grams to 5kg and sizes of up to 600mm in diameter, our platforms can fly at speeds as high as 100km/h, summer and winter, both indoors and outdoors. Running off swappable rechargeable batteries that are able to deliver up to 45 minutes of flight per charge, our drones illustrate themselves as the ideal video making tools for the creation of truly breathtaking aerial images.

We possess a fleet of more than 25 drones of various kinds as well as the expertise and certifications necessary to respond positively to the majority of service requests related to the production of professional and high-quality commercial aerial imagery throughout all of Quebec and Canada.

VuDuCiel.ca - Drone fleet

VuDuCiel operates an exhaustive fleet of various kinds of drones to meet the perpetually evolving needs of its customers:

Professional drone with 7x optical zoom Hasselblad camera (DJI Mavic 3)

VuDuCiel.ca - DJI Mavic 3

Real technological marvel, our DJI Mavic 3 professional drone features the most advanced systems in the industry. Its fully stabilized 7x optical zoom Hasselblad camera ensures simply stunning aerial images with vivid colors. Its 4/3″ CMOS sensor produces 20-megapixel photographs and cinematic quality videos up to 5.1K (higher resolution than 4K Ultra-HD). Its dual focal length allows conventional wide shots at 24mm as well as close-up shots at 7x (168mm equivalent on full-frame sensor), giving access to increased artistic freedom and the production of even more engaging aerial footage. Its powerful radio control system allows it a theoretical operation range of several kilometers. With its omnidirectional binocular vision positioning system and its high capacity batteries allowing an autonomy of more than 45 minutes of flight per charge, our professional drone has quickly proven itself to be the most efficient UAV in our fleet and will easily meet your highest expectations in regards to aerial drone imagery.

Ultra-light professional drone (DJI Mini 3 Pro)

Beware of its small size: our ultra-lightweight DJI Mini 3 Pro drone has all the required technology in order to produce high-quality aerial images. It was specifically designed to weigh less than 250 grams (actual total take-off weight of 248 grams). It is categorized and regulated as a “microdrone”, which benefit a much more permissive use. Operable up to an altitude of more than 500 meters (1640 feet) above ground level, it has a flight autonomy of 35 minutes per battery. Its miniature 12 megapixel 1/1.3″ CMOS sensor camera has a 24mm equivalent focal length lens and can produce professional quality 4K Ultra-HD video, both day and night. Its small mass makes it a particularly agile and quiet aircraft, and its removable protective cage allows it to be used near people in a very safely manner. Our ultra-light professional drone is very capable and the quality of its images will certainly amaze you.

FPV drones with immersive flight caracteristics (DJI FPV and DJI Avata)

VuDuCiel.ca - DJI FPV + Avata

An acronym for First Person View, the discipline of FPV involves the pilot navigating his drone and operating his camera using a low-latency video headset specifically designed for immersive flight. Literally teleported at the controls of his aircraft, this ability allows him to maneuver very close to his subject and produce particularly dynamic and engaging video sequences that go beyond the established limits of the standard cinematic drones everyone know and love.

The DJI FPV is an aerobatic FPV drone capable of reaching top speeds of over 140km/h to track fast-moving subjects such as vehicles.

The DJI Avata is a cinematic FPV drone with a wide-angle lens and integrated propeller guards that allow the pilot to benefit from great artistic freedom in the tightest of spaces.

Whether for conventional use or for passing through structures and obstacles, our FPV drones are the innovations of choice for the most dynamic aerial shots, both outdoors and indoors.

Telescopic Polecam system up to 40ft (exclusivity)

Our exclusive telescopic Polecam™ system equipped with a fully-stabilized Ultra-HD 4K camera is an ingenious alternative in the production of breathtaking low altitude aerial images at up to 40 feet (12 meters). With an extensive battery autonomy and great safety parameters that allow a very safe use, it is the ideal production tool for capturing aerial images at shows and events where there is presence of a public or crowd. Although the camera’s movements are limited to the length of the pole, it is possible to mimic drone maneuvers whithin an extremely simple and portable camera Jib crane form factor. Since no operating permits are required, you can now benefit from truely dynamic aerial images captured right over a crowd at an event or simply up close with your subject.

The Polecam™ is an exclusive innovation from VuDuCiel and we are proud to implement our own technological solution of aerial camera, designed and developed right here in Quebec.

Polecam system - Demo reel #1
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