FPV drone cinematography

FPV drone pilot for indoor/outdoor tours and specialty shoots

FPV drone cinematography is ideal for touring indoor and outdoor locations.

FPV (First Person View) filming is a new form of artistic expression and is the result of the progression of image stabilization technologies and the miniaturization of flying platforms that can now go anywhere. This discipline requires extensive piloting experience and is at the forefront of all known aerial imagery capture technologies currently available on the market.

It is thanks to a low latency video headset and a dedicated remote control that the pilot finds himself literally teleported to the controls of his flying camera which he can then fly very close to his subject and in the most restricted spaces.

The very wide angle lens allows an increased perception of scales & sizes and it results in the ideal sensory immersion for virtually visiting indoor and outdoor places of all kinds. The aircraft is also equipped with a robust cage and propeller guards that allow for a safe use in all types of residential, industrial, commercial and touristic environments.

At VuDuCiel, we have closely followed the development of these technologies and are now proud to offer you a professional FPV drone filming service solution throughout all of Quebec, and even further!

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Examples of videos shot on FPV drones

VuDuCiel.ca - FPV - HGrégoire Nissan Vimont
VuDuCiel.ca - FPV - 1309 Rue des Acacias

VuDuCiel.ca - FPV - Belvedair Eastman
VuDuCiel.ca - FPV - Belvedair Saint-Hippolyte
VuDuCiel.ca - FPV - Belvedair Wentworth-Nord
VuDuCiel.ca - FPV - Damy & Pat Hampstead

VuDuCiel specializes in immersive FPV piloting in order to produce dynamic and highly engaging virtual tours.

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