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High-end aerial imagery for major projects

If an image is worth a thousand words, it is therefore essential to take good care of it in order to create a dialogue that for a long time will be remembered. Whatever your major project, from simple real estate development to complete urban makeovers, it most certainly deserves an image that meets your ambitions.

Through its long years of experience in professional photography, VuDuCiel has built a serious reputation in the creation of high-quality aerial content used for the modeling of large-scale projects for a colorful advertisement and an effective marketing process.

Never leave your branding in the hands of a beginner; trust experienced people who will assess your needs and do everything necessary in order to deliver a set of professional-quality photographic gems. Are you involved in a major project? Our services will definitely help you propel it!

Our adapted services intended for luxury estate projects respond to an ever more pressing market demand: to sell on paper. Our most effective tool: aerial photography! We offer several distinct products that will propel your project to new heights. Among these: elevation panoramas, contextual images and high-end photographs for 3D models and renderings. Please discover these different production components below.

Model rendering of the redevelopment of Jean Drapeau park integrated into an aerial photograph of VuDuCiel

Model rendering of the redevelopment of Jean Drapeau park integrated into an aerial photograph of VuDuCiel

At the service of architects and modellers

Aerial photograph produced based on the architect's request

Photographs for 3D models and renderings

The modeling and rendering of real estate and urban projects should be images that arouse emotions and dreams among those who consult them.

Although the work of creating the actual 3D model does not come directly from our services, the photography that will serve as a framework for its implementation still requires special professional attention. Large-scale projects will always require an aerial perspective in order to demonstrate their full span.

The most ambitious and prestigious projects have led us to be diligent in choosing the right angles of view that will allow to enhance their positioning as well as their surrounding attractions. As for the projected light, the time chosen for taking the images will also greatly influence the results of the final models. It is therefore with particular attention to these small details that our team stood out in capturing professional aerial photographs for the purpose of 3D renderings.

Different times for different results 🕓

Panoramic elevations of different floors of a building

Starting from your plans, it is possible to determine the height of each of the floors of which your future building will be made up. Thanks to our drone’s sophisticated altimeter, our services can recreate a series of 360° panoramic elevations of floors which will allow your potential buyers to see with their own eyes the view they will have through their windows and from their balcony when they have taken delivery of their unit, way before construction of the actual building has begun.

Even if the whole operation may seem poorly artistic, capturing and assembling convincing panoramic images requires the know-how and expertise of a seasoned team. Live for yourself the experience of a panoramic tour from a place where nothing but emptiness exists but which your potential buyers could one day own.

Panoramic views of each floor according to the builder's layout plans and elevations

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