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Roofing and infrastructure aerial inspection services

Since a drone has the ability to move freely in the air exactly where our pilots want it to be, it allows to acquire images of locations at heights or at places downright inaccessible by humans. The speed of deployment and execution combined with the impressive quality of the resulting images make the drone a highly versatile and powerful tool in the safe and quick inspection of roofs and infrastructures of all kinds.

Depending on your needs, the resolution of the images produced can make it possible to note the general state of a structure or as much as to see it in its smallest details. All images produced can be digitally delivered to you in the form of standard JPEG format photographs or standard MOV (MPEG4) format video files. If your imaging software incorporates other types of image formats, we also have the expertise and conversion tools to meet most needs. Contact us today and see for yourself what good our drones can do for you.

Roofs and infrastructures inspection by drone
Trust our experienced drone pilots to produce a series of aerial surveys that will drastically simplify your expertise workload.

Infrastructure inspection examples

Roofing inspection examples

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