Our technology

Custom built and renowned for their effectiveness, our professional multirotor drones are all equipped with high efficiency electric motors, a GPS-assisted navigation system, an autopilot, a sophisticated gyroscopic stabilization system and a high definition camera. With takeoff weights ranging from 1 to 4kg and sizes of up to 600mm in diameter, our platforms can fly at speeds as high as 80km/h, summer and winter, both indoors and outdoors. Running off an electric system and able to stay airborne for up to 25 minutes per charge, our drones illustrate themselves as the ideal video making tools for the creation of truly breathtaking aerial images.

All of our drones are equipped with a high definition wireless video transmission system that allows you to see what our camera is filming in real time on a monitor display back on the ground, so to ensure that the captured images are exactly what you are looking for. Entirely digital, this same system can also be hooked up to a video control console for a live aerial broadcast on a big screen or even on a television broadcast network, giving you access to an authoring tool on the cutting edge of technology that pushes back the boundaries of what was once and simply unimaginable.

Would you like to direct the making of your images but you’re not available to meet with our flight technicians? No problem! Our advanced systems can even live stream your images on our secured server as they are being captured. Simply log in to our shared feed from your favorite browser to view your aerial footage and guide our technicians according to your needs, all while remaining seated in your office chair or in the comfort of your home. How could it get any better than that?

Remote controllers with live video feed

Lightweight drone with 1 operator (DJI Phantom 4 Pro)

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

While it can only be controlled by a single operator, our lightweight quadcopter drone has all the appropriate technology needed to produce high quality aerial images. With its fixed and custom designed miniature camera sporting a high quality 1-inch sensor, it is able to output very high definition video files up to Ultra-HD 4K at 60 frames per seconde and photographs of 20 megapixels. It also features a GPS-assisted flight controller, a 3-axis stabilization gimbal system and a long range live video feed transmitter. With its removable prop guards, this aerial platform allows for great artistic freedom in the most confined spaces, all while retaining a high level of safety. Whether it is intended for a conventional use or to pass through door frames and obstacles of all kinds, its small size, ease of use, speed of deployment and security features make it the drone of choice for the most daring aerial footage, both outside and inside. Our lightweight quadcopter drone truely gives total freedom over most aerial project.

Standard drone with 2 operators (DJI Inspire 1 Pro with X5 camera)

Real technological marvel, our standard quadcopter drone embeds the most advanced systems in the industry. Operated by a second technician, its 3-axis stabilized and independently rotating DJI X5 camera ensures a simply staggering fluidity of movement over a full 360 degrees. It produces 16 mégapixels photos and highly cinematic videos at up to Ultra-HD 4K resolution using its Micro Four Thirds (M4/3) sensor and interchangeable lenses from 12mm (24mm in 35mm equivalent) to 45mm (90mm in 35mm equivalent) focal lenghts, therefore giving access to an highly increased artistic freedom and to even more control on the look of the shots. Its retractable landing gear provides a panoramic view exempt of any visual obstructions, just like a bird in flight. With an optical flow positioning system that increases its hovering accuracy and high-capacity batteries that offer flight times of over 18 minutes per pack, our standard quadcopter drone has quickly proven itself to be the most versatile UAV in our fleet and will easily meet your highest expectations.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro X5

Professional drone with 2 operators (DJI Inspire 2 with X7 camera)

DJI Inspire 2 X7

Referred to as the most advanced aircraft in our fleet, our professional quadcopter drone is the ultimate tool for the most ambitious and inspired projects. Its 4 high-efficiency electric motors allow for the lifting of a DJI X7 camera equipped with a 14-stops dynamic range Super 35 sensor and interchangeable lenses ranging from 16mm (24mm in 35mm equivalent) to 50mm (75mm in 35mm equivalent) focal lenghts. Mounted to its own 3-axis gyroscopic stabilization gimbal system, the X7 camera can record high-dynamic 24 megapixel stills in JPEG and RAW formats. It however stands out by its ability to produce video files of up to an impressive 6K (6016×3200 pixels) resolution recorded in CinemaDNG RAW 12-bit professional format and up to a resolution of 5.2K (5280×2160 pixels) when encoded in Apple ProRes 12-bit format. Our professional quadcopter drone will definitely meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in realizing their aerial cinematography and very high quality aerial photography projects.

Polecam up to 40ft with 2 operators (exclusivity)

When security represents a serious concern, our exclusive telescopic Polecam system is an ingenious alternative in the production of breathtaking low altitude aerial images at up to 40 feet (12 meters). With an extensive battery autonomy and bulletproof safety parameters, it is the perfect production tool for capturing aerial images at shows and events where there is presence of a crowd. Although the camera’s movements are limited to the length of the pole, it is possible to mimic drone maneuvers whithin an extremely simple and portable camera Jib crane form factor. Since no permits are required, you can now benefit from truely dynamic aerial images captured right over a crowd at an event or simply up close with your subject.


Polecam system at its full extent of 40 feet (12 meters)
Polecam system in Montreal's Chinatown
Polecam system in action for Mentos Gum at Dorchester Square
Polecam system at a construction site
Polecam system at Bal en Blanc 2017
Polecam system at Défilé du Père Noël 2018
Polecam system in action at Dîner en Blanc 2018
Polecam system at the Marche Monde 2017

Polecam system - Demo reel #1
Marche pour le Climat 2019
Mentos Gum
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal - Picasso