Specialized services ➧ Building facades drone inspection (Bill 122)

Please note that due to a lack of specialized staffing, we have temporarily suspended our operations of visual inspections of facades complying with Bill 122. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

Building facades inspection (Bill 122)

Adopted on March 18, 2013, Bill 122 of the Safety Code of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) mandates the complete and periodic inspection of the facades of all buildings with 5 or more storeys, following a schedule with precise deadlines. Since most of the inspection work to be done is located at heights, it may be difficult or even impossible for an inspector to access the entire envelope of a building.

While some inspectors use ladders, cranes, lifts, ropes or suspended platforms, our UAV systems and aerial cameras remain the ideal tools for the visual inspection of all building’s facades. The advantages of this technology over its competitors are numerous :

  • Fast and efficient deployment procedures
  • Free movements from the ground up to 400 feet high
  • Automated high precision stationary flights
  • Professional image quality up to 20+ megapixels
  • No geological footprint, no damage to facilities
  • Minimum level of nuisance for residents and/or occupants
  • No human life put unnecessarily at risk in heights
  • Speed of execution that surpasses existing solutions
  • Georeferenced images for further photogrammetry work
Building facades inspection services using drones

Where an inspector in a lift would take days to inspect a single facade, our precision pilots and our expertise in high resolution aerial photography allow us to scan and digitize all the visible surfaces of a building in just a few hours. Once compiled, the resulting images make it possible to observe the general state of the structure and to issue a summary statement of all major deficiencies.

Drones are undoubtedly the inspection tools of tomorrow and are available to you today thanks to our professional inspection services by drone of the facades and the envelope of a building.

VuDuCiel offers the visual inspection of facades by drone for buildings of 5 storeys or more as an answer to RBQ’s Bill 122 requirements.

Example – Port de Mer, Longueuil, QC

Service d'inspection de façades par drone
Telescopic pole at Bal en Blanc 2017

Example – Le Sanctuaire du Mont-Royal, Montreal, QC

Service d'inspection de façades par drone